FINALLY! A PROVEN WAY TO be the parent you want to be!


beta program coming soon!!

If you are a parent to be, or a new parent, you know how nerve-racking the process of becoming a parent is.
Unfortunately, most new parents make the mistake of thinking all their new baby needs is feed, sleep and nappy changes, but if you don’t know your baby is learning right from birth you will miss some beautiful, exciting, and rewarding interactions that could benefit your child’s development, attachment and bonding.
That’s why I have created the Confident Parenting programme that shows you how to give your baby the best start and be the best parent you can be, by using play to improve your confidence as well as your child’s attachment, bonding and development, right from Day 1.
Finally! A proven stress free way to track, encourage, and enjoy your baby’s development without comparing to siblings or peers
If you want to know how to play with your child in a way that improves their development without stress inducing age range score charts dictating whether your baby is on track, then this programme is made for you!
By the end of this live six week course, you will be able to create simple and easy to implement play plans that will help your child progress to their next developmental stage, according to YOUR child’s developmental progress without worrying about what baby “should be doing”.  Instead, enjoy your parental leave and time with your baby knowing you are being the best parent you can be, and be amazed at your child’s capabilities and ask yourself “what can I help my baby to achieve next”.
Discover how parents are able to get the support they want and need from a professional Health Visitor, and ask their questions at anytime 7 days a week!!
‘Confident Parenting for The Best Start’ is an evidence based program made by an experienced, qualified, and NMC registered UK Health Visitor, Karen Antrobus, who will support you personally in weekly support calls to discuss individual concerns. There’s even an online network that enables you to ask questions 24/7, as well as providing peer support from others who are on their parenting journey, and learning from each others questions and experiences too.
Am I eligible?
If you are a parent, or parent-to be, who genuinely wants to develop a skill that will positively benefit your child and family, and have access to support from an  experienced and impassioned Health Visitor who is knowledgeable about bonding, attachment and development through play, to enhance your confidence in your own parenting, and relax in the knowledge you are ‘doing it right’, then this course is designed for you. I  want to support you to find your inner confident parent that you have been seeking, and quieten that inner critical parent who questions your every move. 
There is no perfect parent, and there is no one size fits all formula for raising children, but I can help you find out how you can be the best parent you can be and support you in being that parent, and I guarantee, if you are looking at this page you are already on your way to achieving it.
Please use the below calendar to book a call if you are SURE you want to book a place without seeing the offer breakdown and payment options.  The offer details will be made available during the Confident Parents Program launch, coming soon! You will not get access to the program any sooner, you will just ensure you have a place secured for the Beta launch.